Re: OT: Where? and What?

From: Cimode <>
Date: 17 Feb 2007 10:05:15 -0800
Message-ID: <>

On 17 fév, 18:12, "Tony D" <> wrote:
> On Feb 17, 4:02 pm, "Cimode" <> wrote:
> > Hear Hear!!! Holland reppressive? that's a joke...Holland is probably
> > the most liberal country in the world..Imagine Vegas at an entire
> > country scale...This is a perfect example of ignorance....Besides,
> > repressive european countries or Islam really don't give a damn about
> > BB's opinion....
> Careful with that "Holland" thing ... Dutchmen who aren't from Holland
> can get *really* upset if you say Holland instead of the
> Netherlands ;)
I apologize for the confusion. My English is not as sharp as I would like it to be. In French, we use the world *Hollande* for calling Neetherlands.

> And as western European countries go, the Netherlands must be one of
> the least repressive - looking in from the outside as a visitor,
> anyway. And as a visitor, I thought it much more pleasant than Vegas -
> even other Americans seemed slightly apologetic for Vegas when I was
> there ("it's not all like this !").
Agreed. Note that BB still has not recognized error for his stupid and offensive comments to mAsterdam. He persists and signs. Received on Sat Feb 17 2007 - 19:05:15 CET

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