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From: Marshall <>
Date: 17 Feb 2007 08:09:38 -0800
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On Feb 17, 7:50 am, Bob Badour <> wrote:
> Marshall and Tony, I sympathize with both views, which is why I
> mentioned Date's _Principle of Incoherence_.
> Marshall, yes this is a theory newsgroup. Yes, Dawn introduced an order
> dependency. No, your argument did not sound coherent in reply to her
> nonsense.

Sigh. Oh, well.

> What Tony recommends would have required you to stop and explain some
> rather obvious points and would have held you to a higher standard than
> the self-aggrandizing ignorants. For the coherence of your reply to
> shine through, you would have to go to that extra effort. And if you did
> go to the extra effort, the eyes of the people who stand to benefit the
> most would glaze over and they would move on without reading.


> Finally, the shit-disturbing moron has the two of you arguing. Please
> find some way to ignore her. She distracts you and disturbs the peace of
> the forum.


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