Re: Lessons (was Re: Objects and Relations)

From: Keith H Duggar <>
Date: 16 Feb 2007 17:57:24 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Bob Badour wrote:
> Hi Keith, I notice you answered with lessons and
> unanswered questions but no target audiences etc.
> Should we assume you have no particular desire
> to reach any target audience with the lessons
> you learned?

Though I am dedicated generally to the accumulation and sharing of knowledge, I have no /particular/ desire at this time to reach any particular audience. I do occasionally try to share some of what I learn here with colleagues. However, I find they are essentially uninterested in these concepts.

Also my work overseers sometimes force me to defend my "anti-OO" flat or functional program designs. Especially when I overhaul existing confetti code.

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