Re: Lessons (was Re: Objects and Relations)

From: Keith H Duggar <>
Date: 13 Feb 2007 17:22:09 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Bob Badour wrote:
> What lessons have you learned that you might want to
> relay?

  1. Expression bias was and is the source of much of my daily annonyance.
  2. Expression bias was a huge problem for me even before I knew it's name.
  3. Many unfortunate souls suffering under the yoke of expression bias likewise do not know what it is.
  4. It's difficult and time consuming to distinguish a crank from an elite troll.
  5. Contrary to what I had been told before (by a former IBM colleague no less) DBMSs are useful, in theory.
  6. Somewhere out there is a revolutionary DBMS technology (TRM) as revolutionary as the multi-stage rocket. Sadly, it's not available, nobody knows when it will be, and those who know it's details won't leak the "secrets".

Lessons reinforced:

6. VI have infected all the land and all walks of life.

7. Vast public resources are wasted on VI and BS.

8. Out of arrogance, many stupid people lazily dismiss the

   giants that came before them as ignorant.

9. Human arrogance wastes vast resources.

What big questions remain unanswered in your mind?

  1. When and who will provide us with an OS based on a relational file-system (that works well)?
  2. Please, please when will we have an industrial strength, implemented, relational programming language?
  3. If we develop a theory unifying bearing and probability, will it yield tools better able to express and analyze ignorance?

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