Re: vehicle to autoparts relationships

From: javelin <>
Date: 28 Nov 2006 14:05:06 -0800
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I suppose sections could be parts, but to assign a part number to a section doesn't still doesn't solve the problem. How is that part then related to the vehicle: by the engine, by the transmission, by something else?

An Xref table is a cross reference table used for many to many relationships. Many vehicles can relate to the same part. However, again, what "section" of the vehicle is the part related to?

I definitely want to store relationships in the DB, but don't know what those relationships are.

I'm still a bit confused by your T_Part and T_Par_Child analogy. I think I need to go eat dinner and re-read it.

Thanks for the input. I really do appreciate it.

Neo wrote:
> > I apparently screwed up by mentioning parts of different "parts" of the vehicle. I meant different "sections" of the vehicle, like the transmission, engine, exhaust system, etc.
> Could one think of sections as parts also. If so, you might consolidate
> the hierarchy in just two core tables: T_Part and T_Par_Child
> > which is easy to manage via an XRef table.
> What is a XRef table?
> > My concern is associating the part to the different vehicle sections. In the example below, the starter1 (or 2 or 3, etc) should relate to the engine. Thus, do I have to identify this in a table, or manage it strictly via the program?
> I would opt to store the relationships in the db.
> >The same applies to the transmission section, to which the "gear1" part is related. How do I say that the current user selection pertains to engines, transmissions, etc, and only show related parts, or even limit entry to appropriate parts???
> Search for part (gear1) in T_Par_Child's child column. It should be in
> two rows, where the Parent part is manual_trans and auto_trans. After
> selecting one the trans (ie auto), find all rows with it in Par col,
> and it should return child parts (ie gear1, gear2).
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