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Date: 1 Nov 2006 11:51:22 -0800
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I was using foxpro earlier. Now I am using Sql. I should say it is much more stable and efficient. I developed a package for the company now I am working with. This is a job oriented company. I designed a package having provisions for Enquiry Received,Enq.Sent, Quotation sent, LPO for Jobwork/purchase Issued, Job Received Record, Invoicing, Stock and Accounts all together. I think it is because of SQL/Vb/Crystal Report, I made it possible. If it is to be developed in foxpro, I think it will be hard task. I am managing the entire office with my software. I dont know much about the readymade packages available in the market. Any how their products will be much powerful. This is because of wide possibility of Sql. I can highly recommed you to go for Sql platform. Comparatively, it is away from normal virous threats. As it is a new platform, and I myself hasn't yet made it whole into a complete covered package, I am handling it somewhat in database level. This is too risky. If you are going for a readymade package it will be full covered. I haven't yet utilised internet posibilities of it. Yes it is possible.


Alex S wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> My company uses a FoxPro database right now as an interface
> and a database. For our situation, I have come to the conclusion that
> it would be a better choice for us to move to an SQL server of some
> sort. I have been given the task of overseeing the overhaul on the
> program. I am paranoid about security and uptime, and so is the CEO and
> there is more and more demand for the company to get on the interactive
> internet. I'd like our clients to be able to submit data to our
> database and pull data from it (only certain data of course). My idea
> is to convert the FP tables to and SQL server and write an internal
> application(or web-based - advantages? I dunno) for the interface. For
> the internet side of things, my idea is to have seperate web database
> (SQL) that will put information from web clients. Through the internal
> interface, internal users would then be able to pull data from the web
> database to the internal SQL. And through the internet (authenticated
> of course), the web users would pull data though the web database, who
> pulls information from the internal SQL database. Would someone please
> tear this idea apart w/ advantages and disadvantages. Also, if this is
> the best route, tell me how I can sell this idea to my boss. What's so
> good about using SQL vs. FP over the internet? What about internally?
> What about security? Cost is going to place a big role on the what the
> CEO decides, unless I can sell him otherwise. Should I tell him that we
> shouldn't do it now and save some money to do it right? Or what? Some
> help please. Thanks.
> Alex
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