Re: Modeling Data for XML instead of SQL-DBMS

From: mAsterdam <>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 09:36:43 +0200
Message-ID: <453f136d$0$322$>


dawn wrote:
> If working on a software project where all data are persisted

Ah, we are talking software development on an island, not about shared data.

> in XML

Ah, we are talking about documents, not about data.

> documents and not in an SQL-DBMS, the tools would not require that the
> data model be in 1NF or the use of the SQL NULL.

/data model/
?? document model! - ok, no 1NF.
/NULL/ (sigh of relief) - not about NULL.

> How would an excellent logical data model designed for this XML
/logical data model for XML/
No such thing.

> implementation differ from the corresponding data model developed for
> an SQL-DBMS?

No real correspondence. The next (XML, but it doesn't matter) document created by dumping a database
may differ from the previous, even if the (SQL, but it doesn't matter) database content stayed the same.
Arbitrary order would have to be added to prevent this.

> What would be some best practices for modeling data in
> this environment?

/this environment/
A marketing environment? Fantasy island?


> I'm guessing some will think that the exact same logical data model
> would be appropriate for both targets, but hopefully many will agree
> that it is unlikely that the best implemented data model would be
> identical in each environment. In that case, what would the
> differences be? What best practices would apply to data modeling for
> XML documents compared to data modeling for a SQL-DBMS?

Can't really answer that except "You don't". The question by it self shows to much wrongs. Received on Wed Oct 25 2006 - 09:36:43 CEST

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