Re: Idempotence and "Replication Insensitivity" are equivalent ?

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Date: 25 Sep 2006 12:20:57 -0700
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Brian Selzer ha scritto:

> Although I usually ignore Bob, I will not stand idly by when one of his
> attacks is directed at me personally. Bob is a clear example of someone who
> exhibits a perhaps pathological need to direct personal attacks at people.
.... If he is
> suffering from a pathological condition, then he is deserving of compassion
> or at least pity, but like I said earlier, only a fool would take assertion
> he makes at face value.

I agree on that. He has some serious problem and needs help.

But what is really worring is that, somehow, he is influencing the behavior of the other members of the group. What happens in CDT is quite strange for a scientifical group.

The people here should recognize that his behavior is not to be imitated, but, on the contrary, he should be helped.

I would suggest some occasional posting to other scientific groups, just to taste the normality. I often visit the word reference forum, very very interesting :

a model for an atmosphere that is "serious with a respectful, helpful and cordial tone".

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