Re: Idempotence and "Replication Insensitivity" are equivalent ?

From: paul c <>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 18:50:32 GMT
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Phil Carmody wrote:
> One of the drawbacks of this newsreader is that plonked
> posters' posts are sometimes still visable to me.
> So unfortunately, I see I have this...
> ...

No (since you choose to mention your own ignorance in this thread), it is a drawback of your own inability to read and search for a newsreader that does support such a filter and then to discern the instructions to enable such. This would benefit the rest of us as it might occupy you otherwise for a while. It's also something you can do remotely and by yourself, ie., it's physically safe for you since I doubt you would have the balls to state your crude insults in person. The answer will have to go on the list of things I'll never know as I would not be interested in meeting you.

I have an even easier suggestion for you - why don't you plonk everybody in the c.d.t. group, ie., the group itself. We'll all save time.

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