Re: Idempotence and "Replication Insensitivity" are equivalent ?

From: Marshall <>
Date: 23 Sep 2006 10:49:05 -0700
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vc wrote:
> Marshall wrote:
> >
> > 1) Notice that everything the least bit technical that Pamela
> > comes up with has a corresponding wikipedia entry.
> Is quoting Wikipedia a sin?

Certainly not. I do it myself sometimes. Nor is there any sin in being a man. Again, I do that myself all the time.

However: pretending to know things you don't; the reverse of playing dumb for effect, provocation for one's own entertainment, and pretending to be a woman, these are all greater or lesser sins.

> Are you saying that the entry in question
> is incorrect ?
> I am not sure how derived the rest of your conclusions.

I will admit there is an element of induction in my point 5).

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