Re: Idempotence and "Replication Insensitivity" are equivalent ?

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Date: 23 Sep 2006 02:34:19 -0700
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Phil Carmody ha scritto:

> writes:
> > the Median is the value which minimize the sum of absolute differences
> >
> > ie. sum | xi - c | is minimum for c = MEDIAN()
> If I were Bob Silverman, you'd get one heck of a flaming for
> posting something so obviously somewhere in between unintelligible
> and meaningless (including both endpoints) to sci.math.


What is that you do not understand there? I am talking about fact that are quite elementary and averyone knows about.

It's not meaningless. I am showing that AVERAGE and MEDIAN can be generated through the same device (k=2 for AVG and k=1 for MEDIAN). Even MIN and MAX fall within this conceptual scheme.

You cannot consider the AVG an aggregate function and say that MEDIAN is not. It does not make any sense (to me).

You can find that on every elementary text of statistics.

take a look here:

see also


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