Re: Nested structures

From: paul c <>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 13:23:32 GMT
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JOG wrote:
> paul c wrote:
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>> Actually, I've been a little distressed lately when thoughtful types
>> like JOG and David C talk about flatness or star models.  Maybe I'm just
>> not catching some in-joke or other.

> Yes, it is an in joke. My post was laden with irony - exasperation
> after relentless arguments with MV types that describing the RM as flat
> was nonsense. MV, or attribute nesting, necessarily produce a network
> or hierarchical structure, and that results in navigational issues and
> ultimately query bias. (I hope that eases your distress.)

Thanks, I feel better now. Also reconciled to humanity's rich pageant of cockamamie ideas that some of us just refuse to drop, eg., the old lady who stumped Bertrand Russell when she argued that the earth was flat and supported by an infinite number of giant tortoises.

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