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From: paul c <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 23:55:48 GMT
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Cimode wrote:
> This paper was discussed and proposed by Aloha in the following
> thread...
> It is an introductary paper on ensemblist math..The paper was linked on

Oui. Je l'apercois maintenant.

> The point you have evoked is a direct application of Axiom of Power Set
> of Zermelo-Fraenkel on which I encourage you to do some serious reading
> for better understanding...Here is a book that may help if you want to
> get serious understanding of the matter...
> ...

Merci. Je chercherai l'edition anglais au librarie.

Sorry for the surely bad French, couldn't resist. I might even try to read a chapter in two languages to see if they say the same thing.

(I used to work with a guy who sent me technical emails in Latin and sometimes classical Greek. Although I could dig a few of the Latin phrases, most of it made as much sense as the English emails I received.

   Funny, it didn't seem to hurt the business. I admire CJ Date's attempts at precision except for the Latin, like 'mutadis mutandis' et cetera. Churchill would have scowled at those, along with my frequent commas.)

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