Re: why hierarchy?

From: paul c <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 17:58:51 GMT
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Neo wrote:
>> I'm not interested in what a "main directory item" might be ...
> In dbd, it isn't necessary to relate god or universe to the main
> directory. The example does, so that they are visible in the db's
> visual interface which first displays a node for the main directory. A
> database like MS Access or SQL Server does approximately the same thing
> but user doesn't specify it (or have control over it). For example, in
> SQL, "CREATE TABLE color" creates a table named color AND relates it to
> the equivalent of the main directory which in Access is the initial
> window which lists tables, queries, forms, etc.
>> Looks like all you are talking about is syntax, not any kind of precise definition of a data theory.
> Unlike RM's, dbd's isn't obvious from its various interfaces (ie
> high-level scripts, GUI or API).

Still not interested. Can't help but notice that no way to record God's unnamed father was forthcoming. That might encourage a more charitable reception.

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