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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 15:06:58 GMT
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Bob Badour wrote:

> paul c wrote:

>> erk wrote:
>>> Does anyone know what's happened to updates? I sent an
>>> email to the editor, but received no response. Hopefully (for him, not
>>> us) he's just busy, but it's been 2 months since the last update.
>>> - Eric
>> No reply to my message either. I'm worried on both counts. Can't
>> recall more than two weeks without updates until now, usually with
>> some warning. His site is very useful for me.
>> p
> Paul, I am just curious. What did you find most useful about the site?

Mostly, the large number of articles and exchanges usually among Pascal, McGoveran, Darwen and Date that helped me see the (often differing) nuances they have in mind regarding various topics. As a non-academic, accessible source, for me it took the place of Date's regular columns when they stopped being published, even though I don't recall much mention of people like Fagin and Ullman on the site. Actually it isn't past tense for me, I find some of the material quite deep and regularly   re-read it, for example, the installments on view updating, rva's, nullary relations come to mind but there are others. Also it is the only way I know to get a comment from Date which I've been grateful for once or twice. If it weren't for Date's Intro chapter on rva's, without I would likely not have known about TRM (which I think is important even though its patents make me despair of hope for progress).

I realize the very name of the site suggests a different motive, as it says, 'exposing' the logical (and I would say, ethical) frauds in the db industry which I consider a public service. I would rather see a separate site for the US-geopolitical content, even though I agree with much of it.

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