Re: I think that relational DBs are dead. See link to my article inside

From: U-gene <>
Date: 10 Jul 2006 12:22:00 -0700
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Just a remark.

IMHO this is usual set of fallacies exiting today.

  1. RDBMS isn't system of data persisting only. RDM is not model of persitance of data but it is data model. I think relational systems could exist which aren't DBMS and these systems could be helpfull (i'm about rel.keys and rel.operations here).
  2. I'm sure - there is no impedance. At all. Impedance exists in your heads only when you think about current implementations of RDM.But I think that these implementations are just very special case of possible implementation what is rich enough to be both OO and relational.
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