Re: Select enumeration of intergers

From: Marshall <>
Date: 10 Jul 2006 07:17:05 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Alvin Ryder wrote:
> wrote:
> > I need to make a select statements according to this:
> >
> > select value
> > from all_integers
> > where value => 510 and value < 515
> Hmm, but all those approaches are hacks. Relational operators are only
> meant to work with relations. Your request is about manipulation of a
> particular type, hence it's in the domain of stored procedures (type
> operators).

Fredrik's proposed all_integers is a unary relation with a single attribute
named "value" of type int, whose elements are every possible int value. Nothing wrong from a logical standpoint of doing relational operations on those. There might be some implementation challenges, though.

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