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From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 19:09:59 GMT
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Tony D wrote:

> George wrote:
> [ snippage ]

>>Fair question.
>>There exist ACM type papers based on thorough surveys of the
>>literature, with the goal of documenting the OO taxonomy, a paper by DJ
>>Armstrong springs to mind. Of course, as with all topics, some people
>>would still prefer to hold a differing opinion but I accept it.
> If time becomes available, I may go looking for this; in the meantime
> I'm reading Dave Schmidt's book on denotational semantics, which I
> couldn't afford new and is now a free download 20 years later. Isn't
> the internet a wonderful thing ? ;)

>>As for "can we do without formal underpinnings", there are many
>>endeavors mankind has pursued for thousands and thousands of years
>>without formal underpinnings, we seem to have gotten by. For example
>>languages, cooking, clothing, sport ...

What I find most compelling is: Through the use of theory and formal methods, we can do each of the above tasks so much more effectively. Consider, for instance, how much difference a minor keel design change made to the sport of yachting.

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