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Date: 28 Jun 2006 10:09:28 -0700
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Robert Martin wrote:
> Or rather, Emulating reality is another phantasm conjured by a few
> people who wanted to sell OO.
> Frankly I think it was an innocent statement that got out of control.
> I suppose that it's possible to get to "emulate reality" from Dah's
> original statement about accepting the extra complexity because it
> makes so many concepts easier to express; but it's a stretch.

All true enough - I do think the underlying assumption that objects "model reality" better than other computational abstractions is a big part of OO's mindshare, and deserves to be demolished.

Or perhaps it is true, but I just don't think "modeling reality" is what we're trying to do. We're trying to alter (improve on) reality (every system becomes part of the domain), and provide for future changes, not just imitate what already exists.

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