Re: Bob's 'Self-aggrandizing ignorant' Count: Was: What databases have taught me

From: Andrew McDonagh <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 19:23:07 +0100
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Keith H Duggar wrote:
> wrote:
>> Keith, I can't believe you're talking about "mature and
>> considerate"
> What you believe about me is entirely irrelevant and surely
> uninteresting to everyone reading this. Furthermore, that
> phrase is trivial and contains almost no substance.
>> Bob has insulted more people in these forums than just
>> about everyone else put together
> *sigh* Ye old two wrongs crap. Bob and Andrew are different
> people. If Andrew views Bob as behaving badly and decides to
> retaliate by behaving badly himself, that is immature.

All true except I'm not retaliating against Bob - he hasn't insulted me (or if he has, I've not taken it to heart as insults as boring and childish).

> In addition, even when Bob does insult people his posts /still/
> contain cogent content even if you or others are unable to
> maintain enough mental focus to comprehend it.

What I am doing, is pointing out (in my own mildly-sarcastic-comedy way) that for me and others, its getting too tiresome to filter Bob's insults from his content. Its actually easier to simply count the 'self-aggrandizing idiot' phrase that appear in each of his posts.

 > In contrast,
> the Andrew posts I was responding to were entirely vacuous.

I completely agree. They aren't meant to contain anything of value or worth.

;-) thats why I changed the subject line - I was hoping it would be enough of a hint to those that dont care to read them...

>> then you and that other great suck-up Marshall constantly
>> praise him for it. You go out of your way to say so,
> I do not recall ever /praising/ Bob for insulting people. I
> think it's even more unlikely that Marshall ever /praised/
> him for insulting someone. I have at times discussed the
> possible motivations for and the effects (both beneficial
> and detrimental) of insulting someone.

and that might just be the whole problem right there. A lot of us here don't see that insults or bullying is ever appropriate or beneficial.

>But /praise/? Why
> are you libeling me this way?
>> yet if anyone has a mild rib at him you come running to
>> the brute's defense!
> What the hell are you talking about? I wasn't defending Bob.
> I was pointing out to Andrew that his posts were worthless
> and vacuous. And I don't give a shit who insults who as long
> as they do so while providing /substantive content/.
>> Wow, what kind of a brainless moron are you? Are you sane?
>> Is Bob your cult leader or something? Or are you guys the
>> only ones with a license to insult?
> Obviously you feel you have license to insult me. That makes
> your final question rather stupid don't you think? But, yes;
> We are the only ones with license to insult and we are the
> only licensing authority. You insulted me without license,
> so consider your license to insult revoked for life!


> -- Keith -- Fraud 6
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