Re: Bob's 'Self-aggrandizing ignorant' Count: Was: What databases have taught me

From: Frank Hamersley <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 01:12:11 GMT
Message-ID: <LB%ng.17022$>

Marshall wrote:
> Keith H Duggar wrote:
> I remain deeply ambivalent about Bob's use of insults. Sometimes,
> I think that all they do is distract and inflame. Other times, I think
> that in fact Bob is the only one rude enough to cut through
> the bullshit and point out the ridiculousness of what people are
> saying. Sometimes I think he's too quick on the trigger, other
> times it seems as if he's the first one to figure out when we're
> being snowed. Maybe all those are true, I dunno.
> What I have never done, however, is mistake the presence
> of insults for the absence of content. Bob always has content.
> And I might add, a laserlike command of terminology, which
> frankly impresses the hell out of me.

Irrespective of content he is still a bully which is unbecoming in practically every culture I have encountered.

For the benefit of non CDT'ers when his claim that a certain outcome could not be achieved using SQL was shown to be trivially possible his best response was "I shouldn't have to do that".

So impressed I am not - he is just loud _and_ gutless. Therefore FWIW be careful of being tarred as a sycophant!

Cheers, Frank. Received on Tue Jun 27 2006 - 03:12:11 CEST

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