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From: H. S. Lahman <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 14:59:50 GMT
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Responding to Badour...

>>> OO is hierarchy.
>> LOL.  This pretty much says it all.  I suggest learning something 
>> about OOA/D; it would make the trolling more credible.

> With all due respect, I see no reason to think his education in OOA/D is
> lacking in any way. While his statement is a simplification and a
> generalization, it is accurate at least to a first-order approximation.

I can't think of a single statement that would be more antithetical to what the OO paradigm is about. Probably the single most important thing the OO paradigm brought to the development table was the elimination of the hierarchical dependencies prevalent in structured functional decomposition. Problem space abstraction, peer-to-peer collaboration, separation of message and method, encapsulation, flexible logical indivisibility, and all the rest of that OO stuff play together for the specific purpose of eliminating the spaghetti code resulting from hierarchical implementation dependencies.

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