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Date: 23 Jun 2006 12:20:06 -0700
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Marshall wrote:
> Something that is often a source of misunderstanding in crossposted
> threads is that comp.databases.theory is a *theory* newsgroup,
> and we do not limit ourselves, (or sometimes, even concern ourselves)
> with what products are out there today. Our concern is for theory,
> and for what is possible. This is not to deny the existence of
> practical concerns; rather it is to deny the exclusivity of practical
> concerns.

>From an interview with Dijkstra


"What is nice from a theoretical point of view is usually eminently useful, and what is a really good practical idea always has something deep underlying it. And my fascination with the topic is that there is a large area where the traditional distinctions between pure and applied is meaningless. I always refuse to be called a pure computer scientist if that implies that I am unpractical. I also refuse to be called a practical computer scientist if that means that what I do is theoretically shallow, or lousy."

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