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From: Tony D <>
Date: 21 Jun 2006 05:06:57 -0700
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Cimode wrote:
[ Yes, I'm leaving this quoted piece of text in intentionally; and I'll  keep it here in every reply on this thread. ]

> > > You worthless piece of
> > > well...nothingness-vaccum-filled-empty-shell...People like you die
> > > totally forgotten by their family...
> > >
> >
> > You really *are* a rather unpleasant example of humanity, aren't you ?
> >

Let's continue :

> No on observed facts...
> For a few sentences, you have proved you are focusing subject on my
> person again.

After the comment you made above, it's quite clear that you are focussing the subject on personalities.

> Your are the one speaking of *unpleasant breed of humanity*. What's
> next? an *inferior breed of humanity*?

Now that's quite astonishingly revisionist; I have said nothing about "breeds of humanity". I have said that *you*, as an *individual* are a vile example of humanity. For reference, the two sentences in question are :

"You really *are* a rather unpleasant example of humanity, aren't you ?"


"No, you're just a rather vile example of humanity."

I leave to a reader to decide for themselves if there were racial overtones or subtexts in either of those sentences. And I stand by both of them.

> ...It's amazing how words say a lot about who people are....

I believe when I made exactly this point to you elsewhere in this very thread, you attempted to dismiss it as "hypocrisy" and "BS". So which is it Cimode ? Come on, this is yet another instance where you're going to have to come up to proof. You've singularly failed on that every time I have asked you a firm question on this thread.

> > Some reactions are of the knee-jerk, excessive and disgusting variety.
> > And what exactly is a "copycon-personality-less-moron" ? Have you been
> > at the dictionary again ?
> I am positive you did get the point.

I'm still waiting for a definition of a
"copycon-personality-less-moron", or is this just another question you're going to fail to answer.

> > > > Cheer up mate !
> I am not your mate.

"Be thankful for small mercies" was never more appropriate.

> I do not want to establish a bond with you of any kind. I don't like
> people like you. So stop talking diverting subject on me and focus on
> data management subjects. You severely need it.
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