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> > I didn't get round to answering this before; apologies.

> It is funny.
> I looked at the definiton of spade in an english dictionary and I saw a
> different definition on spade that the one I would have expected.
> To me spade was a kind of sword.
> I thought we always should call a spade a spade or at least to try our

The shovel:,1785,HGTV_3582_1370673,00.html

The spade:

The "spatar" is that wooden back support

The shoulder blade is called "spata"

"Spada" and "spata" are not the same thing even sometime their meaning might be overlapped.

> > You didn't watch Eurononsense this year, did you ? I lost interest when
> > the Poles didn't get into the final ... the big guy rapping was a star
> > in the making :)

If you want some nonsense try this guy:

Or this guy :-) Received on Wed Jun 21 2006 - 10:07:46 CEST

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