Re: On Cimode

From: racimo <>
Date: 21 Jun 2006 00:01:35 -0700
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Cimode wrote:
> Well, I like to play too...with people I respect...
> People who need to hide behind a program to make a point are not people
> I respect...
>Not to fall on clichés let's call them BB's chickenbots!!!

Both are totally irrelevant to technical exchanges. I leave that to people like you and other barking dogs ... That's all there's to it ... LOL ... : Here is another one ... A guy goes to a group, no personality, self promoting, no general culture, no foreign language ... a pure waste of time as any of the argument was that I am wrong WHEN somebody proves me wrong responding to this group... The ony way I set up this thread as he probably deserved it. Given the amount of proofs I have re-read the thread ... At my knowledge, you are in fact menatlly impaired ...

I compared the feeble mind of you on this thread is to intelligence what a physical address that identifies which bank, row, and column the memory controller. Totally different, because it demonstrates a totally different subjects .... You are probably the dummiest ... Just can't make sense of anything ... A pure example of somebody getting busted and trying to defend.

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