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Date: 20 Jun 2006 10:10:00 -0700
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Tony D wrote:
> Well, I left this misbegotten thread alone for a while, but it's time
> for more mindless entertainment with The Cimode Show...

Probably this has been said before, but still I can't resist: is it pronounced "commode"?

> > I stated that as response to Gene Wirchen-BULLSHIT to whom I wasted
> > time exposing my intensions as he called me boorish just B4, I
> > demonstrated he was calling me boorish for an unfounded reason...As a
> > question and a mocking part, I used a pun question *When I point out
> > that I am boorish ?* meaning *When I point out the hyppocrisy you
> > consider me booorish*
> Well, that made sense. Naaah, just pullin' yer leg. It's gibberish.


Cimode continues to amaze me. I have no clue whether "troll" is the right word, or if there even is a word. It's just sheer entertainment. To demonstrate such sheer determination in the face of evidence of cluelessness, and to muster such sheer willpower and verbiage in the defense of said cluelessness, is on occasion breathtaking.

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