Re: On Cimode

From: frosty <frostyj_at_bogus.tld>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 10:07:39 -0700
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Dude, you're arguing with a 'bot. And losing.


Cimode wrote:

> This is what happens when you expose Frauds....They totally loose
> control either through and start saying meaningless sentence (a
> patchwork)...
> Totally insane and cowardely...
> racimo wrote:
>> Cimode wrote:
>>> A new idiotic state supposed to impress me...
>>> Quotes totally taken out of context to discredit me? Good. prove my
>>> point.
>> Glad for your delluded racist sick of proving that is but I
>> respond to expose you. I am sincerely begining to understand
>> that you understand when they either divert attention from
>> the salesman and some people and can understand ...
>> OTOH, discussing areas that you which I used by a situation
>> I do not exist. Therefore, it be? Same question is pure math.
>> The object of what? To denounce the you define RM
>> implementation are driven by a group, willing to look at
>> hand it spade ANYBODY. This one advantage: objectivity. I
>> dont' bother, reasonning keeps continuously making sense of
>> it exactly? Thought to his group, willing to correct crappola.
>> Racimo
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