Re: On Cimode

From: Tony D <>
Date: 20 Jun 2006 03:39:22 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Cimode wrote:
> Barking dogs like to use prepackaged definitions, prepackaged ideas and
> can not cope with reality complexity....

"Barking dogs", "prepackaged" ... for someone who complains about the lack of imagination in others, you're dreadfully repetitive.

> > I deleted that, because I thought it was unfair and unkind.
> Go ahead hide evidences...LOL

I haven't "hidden" any "evidences (sic)" - I decided not to post something because I thought it would be unfair and unkind to you.

> Here we go with *unfairness* and *unkind* moral concepts ...dump on us
> your moral values and stupidity...Reasonning have nothing to do with
> *fairness* and *kindness*...

No, but worthwhile communication is helped along by it. Not that you seem much interested in worthwhile communication.

> As I have told you a hundred time or some
> other barking dog, your BS is driven by BELIEF not REASON but you just
> don't get it....

"Barking dog" again...

> > Looks like it wasn't so far off the mark though. Have you got fed up
> > stalking Marshall yet ?
> I do not stalk people (He's probably a nice guy in real life) but I
> will expose stupid unfounded ideas and nonsense when I have a chance
> RM
> > And have you wikipedia'd the lambda calculus ?
> Since when wilkipedia is a source of valid information to respond to
> the questions I have asked you and that you totally ellided...Prove me
> wrong then, adress them you crab head....I am willing to be convinced.

I still haven't seen you respond to that challenge; you cast aspersions on the theoretical foundations of the lambda calculus, in a fit of ignorant pique with Marshall. Wikipedia would at least be a starting point for you to educate yourself on it, and respond to that post. Get on with it !

> And the guy who created the racimo is a chicken shit...not assuming his
> position in public...

Then go and complain to that person, whoever they might be.

> I was the first one to call for the hyppocrisy of barking dogs...You
> just keep repeating yourself and doing plagiarism...

Oooh, plagiarism, that's a new one. Where did that come from ? Evidence, please. (In fact, thinking about it, you've never actually answered any direct questions requesting evidence in support of the suppositions you've made about me, without collapsing into a chain of "BS", "barking dog", "BELIEF not REASON" etc. etc. Come on Cimode, it's time to come up to proof; either you can back up the nonsense you spout or you can't, and if you can't, you can stop it now. I won't even come after you for an apology.)

> If you were not a hyppocrit so unworried about RM, how come that when I
> told you to talk about RM and stop the non sense previous thread, you
> refuse and continued pulling your garbage and diverting debate on my
> person...Your incoherent person focused idiot.

"Your incoherent person focused idiot." Oh, the irony. (And no, that's not a synonym for "metally".)

> I will not engage in anymore nonsense on my person as you are a time
> PAC MAN eater. I will however respond to your posts on RM

Well, get on with it then.

> If you are not a hyppocrit the last comment should end up this
> thread...

If you weren't such a hypocritical boor, this thread wouldn't have taken off.

> > often. Thus far, you have done nothing to contradict my position, and
> > rather a lot to confirm it.
> Your only position on this board was about discussing my person...
> We almost no whatsoever technical exchange therefore I suppose we
> should stop this nonsense. If you are not a hyppocrit about your
> pretension to discuss ideas and not people then you should agree to
> that....

When you manage to make a post without adding another insult or accusation, I'll start ignoring your personal, shall we be charitable and say, "foibles". Received on Tue Jun 20 2006 - 12:39:22 CEST

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