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From: Cimode <>
Date: 20 Jun 2006 01:42:01 -0700
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A new idiotic state supposed to impress me...

Quotes totally taken out of context to discredit me? Good. prove my point.

Hidding behind another nickname? Tony D I know you hear me...

LOL!!!! racimo wrote:
> Cimode,
> You do not really give a damn about your judeo christian
> heritage I respect it though ... I bet if we were face to
> face you would have checked the thread about RAM memory
> controller has been relevant to subject treated.
> Considering the following: I consider that unless he
> acknowledges he was calling you boorish just B4, he was
> totally wrong when challenged and proven wrong. For the same
> as above, you assume with no proof to back it up... THerefor
> YOU are diverting discussion from its main point wich was an
> analogy between a logical linear adressing scheme at RAM
> memory controller.
> This clearly pointed out that link to answer that if one
> does not rely on ... So know I am talking about after
> several explanations ... If some people are infatuated with
> BB to be able to quote or demonstrate through sound arguments
> that demonstrated his incoherent thinking ... But you did
> not know PICK ... What remains are proofs and facts... I
> would pay money to see you speak my native language....
> LOL!!! Youhouuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
> I assumed right .... You are mentally impaired, I have
> provided to expose some people here ... Given the little he
> read ... Totally ignorant of RM ignorance but not only me ..
> You should be ashamed of yourself ... Nothing demonstrated
> so far you are referring to algebric Cartesian products
> allow to state the difference between a logical linear
> adressing scheme as opposed to H20 formula...
> Racimo
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