Re: Example of expression bias?

From: Cimode <>
Date: 20 Jun 2006 01:34:09 -0700
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The time PAC-MAN eater has striken again with his nothingless crab mind...

This is a database and data management theory NG...I have heard this kind of BS argumentation about LISP about a zillion times...If you believe that LISP or other BS functional buzz word, have a foundation in *lambda calculus* and could be useful, you have to specify in what area computing it could be relevant: logical implementation? physical implementation... Then you have to establish how *lambda calculus* could be a better abstract foundation for implementation than some other area of mathematics....
You did not do any of this and neither did Marshall...

>From what I observed, developpers and programmers keep struggling in
search of the ultimate implementations but most of the time, they end trying to redefine RM by implementation layer...

Somebody who truly believes that a programming that's an implementation could define a computing abstract foundation such as RM is just simply delluding himself...

Tony D wrote:
> Cimode wrote:
> > Marshall wrote:
> >
> > > Anyone else have any recommendations?
> > Yep..How about...could you stop the BS and go to you cranky little
> > developper box...and stop poluting com.database.theory with your
> > crap...
> >
> > Programmers have such shaky conceptual fundations that anything they
> > basically state is experimental (trial and error). Nothing you can
> > rely on...So are their assertions...
> >
> Now you've gone way overboard; Marshall was asked a question about
> where to find out about higher order functions, and gave a couple of
> references. Now you're accusing him of BS ? For goodness sakes man, get
> a grip on yourself.
> If you really must, the functional languages (of which Haskell,
> Standard ML, OCAML and some dialects of LISP are the best known) derive
> their foundations from the lambda calculus. You can wikipedia that for
> yourself to decide just how shaky that is a conceptual foundation. I
> expect some sort of acknowledgement of the soundness of the work of
> Alonzo Church, Stephen Kleene and others in short order, if only to
> show you bothered yourself to find out.
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