Re: Any difference between SQL-DBMS & RDBMS ?

From: oract <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 01:40:22 +0800
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what's Introducton to Database Systems ? a book or a magazine or website ? I am now studying Oracle database , and want to know more in theory model but not only the tools about the Oracle software. Would you show me in details ?

"Cimode" <>
> Simple:
> An RDBMS is a system implementing ALL of RM concepts.
> A SQL DBMS implements few RM concepts and mostly randomly chosen and
> proprietary mechanisms...
> To truly understand the difference, you need to educate yourself about
> RM first through reading...And do not listen to the people I posted on
> the FEW (Fraud Exposal Wall)...They are no better than you and will
> confuse you more than anything...
> Check out "Introducton to Database Systems" (CJ DATE) and make up your
> own mind
> Hope this helps...
> oract wrote:
>> what's difference between sql-dbms and rdbms ?
>> would you show me the theory model about the two dbms or any famous books
>> about it ?
>> thanks!
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