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From: Marshall <>
Date: 19 Jun 2006 09:19:12 -0700
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x wrote:
> "Marshall" <> wrote in message
> > This "Novelia" is a made-up name for a real place, yes?
> It was suggested in a conversation with Hugh Darwen on ttm list.
> A translation of Roman from English to French and back to English came out
> as Novel.

I get it! Clever.

> > > I also have some trouble sometimes understanding some of your (pl.)
> > > allusions.
> > Ah, well, I am guilty of that, certainly. My alusions tend to be either
> > of 19th century events or literature, or else 21st century late night
> > cartoons. (Two of my interests outside of data management.)
> 0:15/1 o'clock cartoons from monday to thursday here in Novelia.

Glad to hear it.

> > Not a good way to make onesself understood internationally,
> > I suppose.
> Indeed. Especially because they are alusions and you don't care about this
> "internationally" thing maybe. After all this is an English NG.

No, I do care about the international part. But I am also attached to my literature, and to my cheap jokes, and those can have strong culturally-specific parts.

> First it is not cryptic because no part is secret or coded.
> Then it is not opaque for the ones who spend a minute to think about it.
> Third it is not obvious because if it was, the poster have not asked the
> question.


> <dict>
> ob-vi-ous (ob'vee uhs) adj.
> 1. easily seen, recognized, or understood;
> open to view or knowledge; evident.
> 2. lacking in subtlety.
> 3. Obs. being or standing in the way.
> </dict>
> I ask again. What "obvious" means to you ?

I will adopt your mode of speech, and merely say that it is obvious what "obvious" means to me.

> > I recognize there are challenges and ambiguities in natural language,
> > but that's not what I'm talking about.
> I have no ideea of what you are talking about.
> I have little time to spend it writing pages when short phrases will due.

With you second sentence you show that you *do* know what I am talking about, and that you don't care to change. Which is fine.

> About the "lucid", a man have to drink once in a while. Take Bender for
> example.

Fair enough!

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