Re: Example of expression bias?

From: Marshall <>
Date: 19 Jun 2006 08:52:36 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Erwin wrote:
> > That leads you away from OOP and into the
> > use of higher-order functions
> Where can I inform myself on this notion of higher-order functions ?

That's a hard question to answer.

If you want in-depth, I think the best way to go would be to study a programming language that emphasized them. Haskell might be a good choice. Elsewhere I mentioned "Haskell: the Craft of Functional Programming" by Thompson. It's a good book, but it doesn't particularly emphasize higher-order functions ("HOF") per se. But the idea permeates Haskell, and probably SML as well.

You can also hang out on comp.lang.functional, which is a pretty good newsgroup, although I find it hard on the brain at times.

Anyone else have any recommendations?

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