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From: x <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 18:34:55 +0300
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> x wrote:

> > This is a railroad station.

> I believed this was a board of discussion about database.theory...?

It WAS a NEWS group about database.theory , I suppose. :-) Just a station for me. :-)

> > > You better stick to jokes...Seems you are better at it than RM and
> > > management ;)

> > With whom are you talking ? That joke was not mine. I translated it for
> > and replaced some ethnic groups to make sense to you. That's all.
> > You don't know me to make that kind of statements. Ah, you used the word
> > "seems" and ';)' .

> That was actually a compliment with an encouragement to educate
> yourself more about RM and not do like BB's barking dogs...

This is what I'm doing these days.

> "Humor is to intelligence what a spear is to a sword"

Thank you, I suppose. It is said that Vlad Tepes used a lot of spears. :-)

> > And by the way: what make you think RM and data management are not a
> > these days ?

> If you think RM which is nothing but applied Mathematics in data
> management science is a joke then you have to assume Mathematics is a
> joke.
> Do you think Mathematics is a joke?

My mind is open to this possibility. :-) Can you prove it is not ?
Maybe I should have said a BIG joke ?
I used to laugh a lot when solving math problems. Received on Mon Jun 19 2006 - 17:34:55 CEST

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