Re: Fraud Number 6: Keith H Duggar

From: Cimode <>
Date: 19 Jun 2006 05:06:05 -0700
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Roy Hann a écrit :

> "Keith H Duggar" <> wrote in message
> > -- Keith -- Fraud Number 6
> I see several of you are willfully refusing to enter into the spirit of the
> thing by wearing your number as a badge of honour. However, what exactly
> does this number convey?
> Is it just a spurious synthetic key, or is it your
> current ranking on some scale of wickedness?
Nothing as complex... it's just pure chronological order in which I can conclude that somebody is a pure ignorant, and be able to quote or demonstrate through sound proofs or example his total idiotic declaration...

> If the former, that appears to
> be poor design. If the latter, how is wickedness calculated precisely?
Wickedness is a moral concept. No rational way of ranking wickedness except for fascists overlords. OTOH, being able to expose ignorance and incoherence of people through quotes may prove helpful for this NG.  You just gave me some idea of ranking depending on stupidity density per month or per sentence....Thanks...;)

> (Some of you might want to know how to move up the leader board; others of
> us need to know how to calculate the odds as we place bets on your
> progress.)
> Don't get too attached to your number if it is merely your current ranking.
> A more wicked contributor could displace you overnight.
Well I had not an idea of ranking in mind...To me all ignorants are basically well...ignorants...

> Roy
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