Re: Fraud Number 6: Keith H Duggar

From: Cimode <>
Date: 18 Jun 2006 23:57:52 -0700
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Keith H Duggar wrote:
> Pickie wrote:
> > But Keith, he made you number six! That means you take
> > over the Patrick McGoohan role! You're famous man!
> Hehe ... yeah cool. My 15 minutes. I like the number 6.
> Seems like an important number. 12 is cool too. Sometimes
> I amuse myself by dreaming of us using base-6 or base-12
> instead of base-10. And hexagons man, how cool are they?
> Especially for tile based games.
> > PS. Is there more oxygen than anything else in glass?
> > Just wondered. Idle thought, but perhaps better than the
> > six threads of splenetic venting.
> Depends on composition and how you define "more", either by
> number or by mass. If by number then glass is usually 60% to
> 67% oxygen atoms. If by number then glass usually ranges
> between 45% to 55% oxygen (oxygen being lighter than the
> metals usually involved). So yeah it's pretty much at least
> half oxygen. Kinda cool that when you look at glass you are
> looking at a kind of crystallized oxygen.
NOOOOO don't ask him...You encourage him bragging about his Chemistry PHD
> Water is fascinating to me. Starring at oceans of liquid
> oxygen and hydrogen, I can't help but feel some mystical
> connection with the substance. So important it is to our
> past, present, and future.
Only ignorants state obvious things...Absolutely no inherent value to that comment...

> I once saw clouds of carbon dioxide raining down drops of
> carbon dioxide upon carbon dioxide bergs afloat in a carbon
> dioxide sea. That was a strange sight indeed.
> -- Keith -- Fraud Number 6
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