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From: Cimode <>
Date: 18 Jun 2006 23:09:17 -0700
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Keith H Duggar wrote:
> Cimode wrote:
> > Keith H Duggar wrote:
> > >
> > Some of Keith H Duggar enlightning knowledge
> > about...chemistry
> >
> > > More importantly, neither water nor glass is "mainly"
> > > carbon
> >
> > Major component in glass
> > silica (SiO), lime (CaCO3), and sodium Carbonate (NaCO3).
> Bwahahahaa! By posting those formulas (even though your
> silica formula is wrong idiot) you merely prove how ignorant
> you are! Those are (sometimes) the /raw materials/ used to
> /produce/ glass, they are NOT the components of the finished
> /product/ ie glass, you vociferous ignoramus.
I am a not a Chemistry PHDeeeee. But what I can tell you is that you are diverting
discussion from its main point wich was an analogy between a value and a value holder. Remember that the starting point was you criticizing the fact I use *Carbon* intstead of *carbon*...wich is a syntaxic point you pointed out and not a chemistry issue.

I could have used Sillica instead of sillica....Calcium instead of calcium it would have pissed you of in all contexts....Your epidermic response to my point tells me I must be doing something right....You are trying to pin me dow at any cost including the coherence of you argumentation...

Do you keep noticing how people who can't think like to divert attention from a subject at hand in attempt to draw it to something more familiar....

> The carbon burns away leaving behind (in the specific case
> you gave) soda-lime-silicates which are Na2O-CaO-SiO2. Do
> you see any carbon there you wikipeducated moron?
> Please squirm more. I love watching you try to escape your
> moronic ignorant claims rather than just admitting your were
> stupid and ignorant and made a mistake.
I have no problem admitting I made a mistake. So? Are you going to adress the issues about Cartesian product you were so happy to point out in the previous thread...

Here comes the bragging part....

>By all means stay
> with chemistry as long as you like so I can keep pressing my
> Chemical Engineering Ph. D. jackboot on your squirming neck.

And the last sentence used reveals a great deal about the motivation that brought you to seek knowledge in Chemistry, you constitued some knowledge in one purpose:be able to brag about it, intidimate people to obtain some form of submission on their part...A pure example of barbarian attitude...

"By all means stay, with chemistry as long as you like so I can keep pressing my Chemical Engineering Ph. D. jackboot on your squirming neck."

> -- Keith --
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