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From: paul c <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 05:55:28 GMT
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Pickie wrote:

> paul c wrote:

>> Pickie wrote:
>>> Cimode wrote:
>>>> Marshall wrote:
>>>>> [First of all, I assume "r.t." means "relational theory" and "fopl"
>>>>> is "first order predicate logic." Correct me if I guessed wrong.]
>>>>> Certainly there are different contexts in which the term "variable"
>>>>> is used, and across those different contexts there may be
>>>>> incompatible meanings. I was speaking of the programming
>>>>> languages theory ("PLT") context. So I am speaking of regular
>>>>> data variables, rather than logic variables--they are quite
>>>>> different.
>>>> An integer is an integer whether you speak of Math, of PL or
>>>> whatever...
>>>> An arythmetic operation is an arithmetic operation regardless of field
>>>> of application
>>>> RM is pure math applied and what you state is that the application
>>>> redefines the fundamental concepts...
>>>>> Thanks for pointing out that distinction.
>>>>> Marshall
>>> Apparently not  - in dictionaries, there are two definitions of
>>> integer.  One is "a positive or negative whole number or zero" while
>>> the other is "whole entity".  Subtle difference, I know, but just call
>>> me picky.
>>> Re a couple of other posts.
>>> Since glass is mostly an oxide of silicon and the water is dihydrogen
>>> monoxide - the glass of water may well be mostly oxygen. Or Do I Mean
>>> Oxygen?
>>> Sillicium could be a mispronounciation of psyllium; which is the stuff
>>> you take, dissolved in a glass of water, to prevent constipation.
>>> What can someone take for thread diarrhoea?

>> I attempted earlier to encourage more people taking up the plonk file
>> approach (for some reason it seemed my recipe didn't work at first but I
>> later noticed that the newsreader I use has a more automatic way to
>> re-route the usenet diarrhea - it seems it's now working as I know now
>> even less than before what people are talking about!).

>> As for the other comments, all I think worth saying is that if
>> 'literalists' ran the world, we'd still be drinking water by dipping our
>> tongues in the nearest marsh. DB/IT progress is not to be found by
>> mirroring the real world. To keep this short and to keep from being
>> plonked by those here who can help me with future questions, I won't say
>> what I think of the dictionary school of IT except that it's something
>> like appealing to irrelevant authority.

>> p
> Sorry Paul, but the thread _is_ "Terminology" - a pedant's dream.
> Maybe this helps -) -) -) -) -) -) -) -------) SEE - the tongue is
> firmly in the cheek - I can't even stalk traight!

okay, you've got me there.

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