Re: Fraud Number 1: MARSHALL

From: Cimode <>
Date: 18 Jun 2006 09:35:59 -0700
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What a hyppocrit!!

Not hesistating to tell people they are wrong brings more drawbacks than satisfaction.

OTOH, sticking tags on people's forehead is easy and practical to disqualify their opinions. It also brings satisfaction of belonging to a group of idiots which actions I am trying to expose. By your actions, you just have proven to be one of them...even though we had a nice exchange... just B4...

//Keith H Duggar wrote: //
> Just as sunlight kills trolls (in some mythologies), it also
> helps to deal with cranks. Since you are a reasonable and
> intelligent person, the group would benefit from you outing
> cranks. Thus, for a moment please set aside your excess of
> faith in human nature and your personal kindness. Review the
> recent characters that lead you to the crank concept. Then
> post here the identities of those posters you believe are
> cranks (perhaps with an associated confidence). This would
> be very beneficial.

Sigh. Okay.

Cimode is a crank.

Marshall wrote:
> Tony D wrote:
> >
> > Even if words of
> > caution have to be given to make sure he doesn't bolt off on some wild
> > goose chase (and I have advised caution to Marshall on other threads,
> > because I can see he's about to charge into some very dangerous
> > territory, with a broken compass and no map - type systems, for
> > example).
> Tony,
> I've appreciated the advice.
> Some minor points:
> I don't think what I'm doing could be considered a "charge" in that
> my progress is far too plodding. And I do have a map, in the form
> of "Types and Programming Languages" (Pierce), "Type Theory
> and Functional Programming", (Thompson), "Concepts, Techniques,
> and Models of Computer Programming" (Van Roy, Haridi) etc.
> As to whether I have the capacity to absorb the above, and
> as to whether my compass/brain is broken or not I think it
> is an open question. :-) Fortunately, when I have an idea, I can
> get it checked by other people, who, whether here or elsewhere,
> are only too happy to tell me when I'm wrong, as happened
> recently in the thread about handling missing data.
> Oh, and wild geese can be fun to chase in their own right.
> Anyway, thanks.
> Marshall
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