Re: To Bob Badour, sorry

From: Tony D <>
Date: 17 Jun 2006 08:17:09 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Cimode wrote:
> Tony D a écrit :
> Simple...
> My opinion of BB is based on facts and statement made about RM
> issues..Your opinion (that I don't give a damn about) relies
> exclusively on my character not any facts I stated about RM...
> I have given enough time to you. If you still do not understand...I am
> sincerely begining to believ you are in fact menatlly impaired...Sorry
> but I ca not do more for you...

Because all you have offered *on this thread* is a variety of insults towards Bob, those who agree with Bob, and anyone who doesn't agree with you. I thought this might be a bit lacking in terms of source material, so I visited another recent thread in which you have participated that may have been of some interest than the OO stuff you pointed me to before: "Little Question for RDM Theoristes". Your handling of JM Davitt there was as bad as anything Bob has handed out (although I don't recall Bob ever accusing someone of calling him an idiot out of nowhere, as you did with Davitt). You assumed a position, did not enunciate that position particularly clearly and rebuked in a variety of ways those who disagreed with you. That, sir, makes you guilty of precisely the behaviour you criticise another for. There's a word for people who behave that way - it might even start with an 'h' ...

> Next time on a technical thread please/ Observe and see...
> > So far, I don't think I have insulted you too much, if at all really.
> *insulted you too much* So? What's next? insult levels?

Yes; some language and terms are more insulting than others. If I say, "you're being silly," that's one thing. If I say "you're being a cloth-eared idiot," that's another. If I say "you're a clueless moron," that's something else again. If I say "you're a hypocritical mental deficient," that's on quite another plane of insult.

> ...Let me tell you this...

Ooh, I'm all rapt attention now... (if I was standing up, I would have clicked my heels there...)

> By diverting right away on my person instead of my RM related
> statements, you have insulted me but not only me..

And as I said before, you haven't said anything about RM **on this thread**; all you've done so far is accuse others of BS, hypocrisy, mental deficiency, etc etc etc.

> You have insulted the
> motivation of several people who seek knowledge rather intent
> trials...You have insulted all people who believe in REASON rather

Have I really ? That's a lot of people. If I had known I was insulting that many people I would have expended some effort on it.

> I would write down books about it, you would still not understand...

Depends how good you are at writing.

> You are a lost cause I am afraid...

Oooh, look ! Patronising paternalism to go with the insults, invective and hypocrisy ! Received on Sat Jun 17 2006 - 17:17:09 CEST

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