Re: OT: Troll vs. Crank

From: Cimode <>
Date: 17 Jun 2006 07:08:20 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Note how Marshall tries to divert attention on me...That proves my point...

Marshall wrote:
> Keith H Duggar wrote:
> >
> > Just as sunlight kills trolls (in some mythologies), it also
> > helps to deal with cranks. Since you are a reasonable and
> > intelligent person, the group would benefit from you outing
> > cranks. Thus, for a moment please set aside your excess of
> > faith in human nature and your personal kindness. Review the
> > recent characters that lead you to the crank concept. Then
> > post here the identities of those posters you believe are
> > cranks (perhaps with an associated confidence). This would
> > be very beneficial.
> Sigh. Okay.
> Cimode is a crank.
> He is the top poster in the NG for June at the time
> of this writing*, and he hasn't actually yet formed a single
> coherent post. He switches topics at a whiplash-inducing
> pace, so it's impossible to pin him down on anything.
> Engaging him on anything has proven to be a complete
> waste of time. In fact I find it a mystery why anyone is
> replying to him; the conversation never goes anywhere.
> Seriously, to those who are sparring with him: has the
> conversation produced anything of value? Do you see
> any reason to believe he will budge on anything? Are
> you going to learn anything from him?
> Oh, and he also wins hypocrisy points for insulting
> people for insulting people.
> Do Not Feed the Crank.
> Marshall
> *
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