Re: OT: Troll vs. Crank

From: Cimode <>
Date: 17 Jun 2006 07:06:52 -0700
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Another barking dog...

Note the strong need to qualify people rather than ideas.. Note the unproven false assumptions (no posts)... Note also the motivation to disqualify the person...How practical..

Marshall wrote:
> Keith H Duggar wrote:
> >
> > Just as sunlight kills trolls (in some mythologies), it also
> > helps to deal with cranks. Since you are a reasonable and
> > intelligent person, the group would benefit from you outing
> > cranks. Thus, for a moment please set aside your excess of
> > faith in human nature and your personal kindness. Review the
> > recent characters that lead you to the crank concept. Then
> > post here the identities of those posters you believe are
> > cranks (perhaps with an associated confidence). This would
> > be very beneficial.
> Sigh. Okay.
> Cimode is a crank.
> He is the top poster in the NG for June at the time
> of this writing*, and he hasn't actually yet formed a single
> coherent post. He switches topics at a whiplash-inducing
> pace, so it's impossible to pin him down on anything.
> Engaging him on anything has proven to be a complete
> waste of time. In fact I find it a mystery why anyone is
> replying to him; the conversation never goes anywhere.
> Seriously, to those who are sparring with him: has the
> conversation produced anything of value? Do you see
> any reason to believe he will budge on anything? Are
> you going to learn anything from him?
> Oh, and he also wins hypocrisy points for insulting
> people for insulting people.
> Do Not Feed the Crank.
> Marshall
> *
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