Re: To Bob Badour, sorry

From: Tony D <>
Date: 17 Jun 2006 05:59:24 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Cimode wrote:
> Tony D wrote:

> > Oh but you are. More than it appears you could ever possibly realise.
> OK. Prove it.

> > So pointing out that you're boorish makes it acceptable somehow ? Does
> > that charm school you went to have lots of pupils ?
> I am not talking about myself..Are you mentally impaired? Don't you
> know how to read?

By our choice of language, words and tone, we let people know more about how we view the world and the people in it than we'd often care to admit. In your posts on this thread, you have accused people of talking BS, of hypocrisy, called them barking dogs, accused them of being infatuated with Bob Badour, amongst a variety of other things, and in this post you question whether I am mentally impaired. All because I think your somewhat splenetic responses to posts on this thread are at complete odds with your distaste for Bob Badour's language in dealing with other people.

Now, given the language, words and tone you have chosen to use in this thread, what sort of person do you think you have announced yourself as ? Received on Sat Jun 17 2006 - 14:59:24 CEST

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