Re: To Bob Badour, sorry

From: Cimode <>
Date: 17 Jun 2006 03:33:24 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Tony D wrote:
> Cimode wrote:
> > No. My observation of simple facts. I have proved by subjecting clear
> > proofs that some people had totally incoherent behaviors, claiming one
> > thing doing something opposite...I brought obvious examples and
> > questions about RAM memory to a so called knowledgeable audience who
> > chose to ignore the issues diqualifying them as nonsense and insulting
> > me.
> >
> At last ! The crux of the issue ! Bob (and/or others possibly) burned
> you off when you brought along a question of possibly dubious
> relevance, and now you're throwing a hissy fit. Boo hoo.
You base your statement on BELIEF rather than REASON... You have not even read the thread...

> > You are just too buried in BS to see it...
> >
> Nope, no BS around here. Or was that metaphorical ? Rhetorical, maybe ?
> > >From what I heard from some ignorants about mathematics and its
> > supposed application to RM just makes me think this NG is full of
> > crappola who really are delluding themselves...Even worse, they have a
> > contemptuous self congratulating attitude and hyppocrisy that sickens
> > me...Thanks god a few have had the spirit into bringing some fresh
> > ideas into this space...
> Another fine example of the kind of well reasoned, mannered,
> sophisticated debate you'd like to introduce, presumably.
It is an simple observation of facts and interaction with some people among which BB...
I do not insult people, I do not run away when they adress or challenge me...I may just say I am wrong WHEN somebody proves me wrong...I just get sick of contemptuous attitude...

> > Who are the others? Infatuated idiots who don't have a clue of the
> > concepts they try to handle...
> >
> The toys are flying out of the pram now... FWIW, I'm not infatuated
> with Bob. Hell, he hasn't even taken me out for dinner, never mind a
> proper date or anything.
I am talking about intellectual infatuation Duhhh...You truly are convinced he is a knowldegeable source of information while he lacks 2 fundamental qualities for that: coherence in his acts and statement and fundamental education about mathematics to understand better RM....

...When was the last time you have heard from BB that he was totally wrong when challenged and proven wrong or off topic? Of ourse you can't recall, your ears are filled up with SQL crappola...

> > *saving us*? He is no fucking Christ!!!
> > I don't know why some people have this obssessional need to be saved!!
> Where did you get "obsessional" from in what Gene wrote ? Maybe you
> should spend more time concentrating on the text rather than trying to
> read between the lines ?
> > If you want to save yourself, open a book read and do your best to
> > understand...
> > ...You talk about him as a sect guru leader..
> >
> Never having been in a sect, I'll bow to your presumably better
> experience and knowledge of such things.
I used a sect as an analogy to compare the behavior and exchanging style with some people. I observed, read responses and draw conclusions...That's all there's to it...

I have never had any experience with sects..For your knowledge I am agnostic.

> > This post indicates you truly are too infatuated with BB to be
> > objective...
> >
> > BB and lots of people that follow him like dogs just lack fundamental
> > knowledge on what constitute the source of RM: Mathematics...They do
> > not know shit about what an Axiom is... what scientifical methodology
> > is but portray themselves as sources of information...That says a lot
> > about the current level of data management and science in this
> > NG...Instead of compensating their ignorance by hard work in learning
> > they prefer pre-packaged ways of dealing with opposite ideas..How
> > practical?
> >
> I think your spleen got the better of you there, because that paragraph
> just degenerated into gibberish to me. Not that it had much
> degeneration to do, mind.
Yeah easy to disqualify people using concepts such as *spleen*...I bet you don't even know the meaning of this term...How practical... Received on Sat Jun 17 2006 - 12:33:24 CEST

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