Re: OT: Troll vs. Crank

From: Keith H Duggar <>
Date: 16 Jun 2006 14:10:44 -0700
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Marshall wrote:
> In any event, everyone else probably already knows this,
> but I present what is a relatively new concept to me: the
> crank.

Hey that was actually very interesting reading, along with some of the references there. So thanks. Having never read such an expose of the crank concept, I'm curious now if and how it is distinguished from vociferous ignorance. Thoughts anyone? Are crank and VI the same concept?

> In any event, consciousness of this concept of "crank" has
> improved my ability to interpret what I read in the group.
> Since the concept is much publicized, (at least relative
> to trollhood) I thought that perhaps the idea would be
> useful to anyone else who, like me, somehow managed to
> miss it for so long.

Just as sunlight kills trolls (in some mythologies), it also helps to deal with cranks. Since you are a reasonable and intelligent person, the group would benefit from you outing cranks. Thus, for a moment please set aside your excess of faith in human nature and your personal kindness. Review the recent characters that lead you to the crank concept. Then post here the identities of those posters you believe are cranks (perhaps with an associated confidence). This would be very beneficial.


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