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From: Cimode <>
Date: 16 Jun 2006 12:41:59 -0700
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Gene Wirchenko wrote:
> On 16 Jun 2006 02:34:50 -0700, "Cimode" <> wrote:
> >Gene Wirchenko wrote:
> >> On 15 Jun 2006 13:35:16 -0700, "Cimode" <> wrote:
> >>
> >> [snip]
> >>
> >> >What an empty accusation...I have observed this board for several weeks
> >> >no and I saw BB's behavior I have tasted myself...Either people are
> >> >infatuated with this guy or they just think he's sick.
> >>
> >> You are new to this group then. If you had been observing the
> >> traffic for *years*, you would have seen repeats of kooks. I am glad
> >> of Bob's efforts.
> >Yes, I am new to this group which gives one advantage: objectivity.
> Not necessarily. It also gives you a severe disadvantage: no
> history.
History of what BS? Cumulating years of BS is even worse...

> >I don't give a damn about who's who and which role is assigned to
> >whom...All I notice is that several debates become sterile because of
> >close-mindedness of some people.
> There is your subjectivity.
No. My observation of simple facts. I have proved by subjecting clear proofs that some people had totally incoherent behaviors, claiming one thing doing something opposite...I brought obvious examples and questions about RAM memory to a so called knowledgeable audience who chose to ignore the issues diqualifying them as nonsense and insulting me.

You are just too buried in BS to see it...

> We are all biased. Some of us admit it, and some do not.
> >I certainly do not need *years* to observe that this attitude just
> >kills any free flowing of ideas which should be encouraged...Even if
> >it's crap...
> No, but if you judge based on a limited time period, and others
> judge on a longer term, who is more likely to be more correct?
What a limited perception of truth!!!

If you base judgment solely on experience then expect you will be even dummier when years goes by...
"Experience and Intellectual agility can replace fundamental knowledge only to a limited extent"...

>From what I heard from some ignorants about mathematics and its
supposed application to RM just makes me think this NG is full of crappola who really are delluding themselves...Even worse, they have a contemptuous self congratulating attitude and hyppocrisy that sickens me...Thanks god a few have had the spirit into bringing some fresh ideas into this space...
> >To debunk kooks and VI, you must have authoritative and consensually
> >recognized mastering of the concepts you're trying to defend. From
> >reading his posts and positions, BB has not demontrated any of these...
> I think he has. Some others have posted similarly.
Who are the others? Infatuated idiots who don't have a clue of the concepts they try to handle...

> >He is no better than the people he pretends judging or educating...Even
> >worse because his attitude just makes this NG an empty thinktak store.
> Maybe, you have not seen cdt when it has been drowned by kooks'
> posts? Bob has done a large part of the saving of us from that.

*saving us*? He is no fucking Christ!!! I don't know why some people have this obssessional need to be saved!! If you want to save yourself, open a book read and do your best to understand...
...You talk about him as a sect guru leader..

This post indicates you truly are too infatuated with BB to be objective...

BB and lots of people that follow him like dogs just lack fundamental knowledge on what constitute the source of RM: Mathematics...They do not know shit about what an Axiom is... what scientifical methodology is but portray themselves as sources of information...That says a lot about the current level of data management and science in this NG...Instead of compensating their ignorance by hard work in learning they prefer pre-packaged ways of dealing with opposite ideas..How practical?

Explanation is so simple but you fail to see it...  

> Sincerely,
> Gene Wirchenko
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