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Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 10:07:24 +0300
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> I'm not sure if this is humor in the form of a pun,
> a misunderstanding, or what, but I want to make
> sure I get the point across: I have no complaint
> about your manners.

>Instead, it is your diction,
> your idiom, your writing style, your phrasing,
> that I have trouble with.

Well, that might come from the fact that I've not studied English, my native tongue is Novelian, I have been outside Novelia only one time for about 2 weeks, and I don't spend hours to carefuly translate each phrase I write. You might have noticed I mostly use Latin loaned words and I don't use a spell checker.
I also have some trouble sometimes understanding some of your (pl.) allusions.

Someone asked how he can check if two databases are syncronized after syncronization or something like that.
I said the databases will be syncronized.(explanation: No need to check. If they weren't, that was not syncronization.)
Is that cryptic ? Opaque ? Obvious ?

Someone complained that I'm not subtle (or something like that), that I'm obvious, that I'm dull or veiled. You say I'm opaque and fine.

o-paque (oh payk') adj., n., v. <o-paqued, o-paqu-ing>

----->        1.  not allowing light to pass through.
                  2.  not transmitting radiation, sound, heat,
----->        3.  not shining or bright; dark; dull.
                  4.  hard to understand; not clear or lucid.
----->        5.  dull, stupid, or unintelligent.
          [1375-1425; late ME opake < L opacus shaded]  <--------------

fine [1]  (fien)  adj. <fin-er, fin-est> adv., v. <fined, fin-ing>
                  1.  of superior or best quality; of high or
                       highest grade; excellent: fine wine.
                  2.  consisting of minute particles: fine sand.
                  3.  very thin; slender: fine thread.
------->     4.  keen; sharp, as a tool.
                  5.  delicate in texture or workmanship: fine
------->     6.  highly skilled; accomplished: a fine
------->     7.  trained to the maximum degree, as an
                  8.  characterized by refinement or elegance;
                       polished; refined: fine manners.
                  9.  affectedly ornate or elegant.
                10.  delicate; subtle: a fine distinction.
                11.  healthy; well: In spite of her recent
                       illness, she looks fine.
                12.  elegant in appearance; smart.
                13.  good-looking; handsome: a fine young man.
                14.  (of a precious metal or its alloy) free
                       from impurities; containing a large
                       amount of pure metal.

             [1250-1300; ME fin < AF, OF: extreme, farthest,
             best < L finis end, utmost limit, (cf. F le fin
             fond the extreme back)]


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