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From: mAsterdam <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 23:54:49 +0200
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Kenneth Downs wrote:
>>> In the limited example given in the post, yes.
>>> In fact we have half-dozen or so other flags on the FK table,
>>> two of which combine to provide
>>> multiple FK's between any two tables.
>>> We employ a "suffix" and a "prefix" property, each of
>>> which is used to alter the names of the columns in the
>>> child tables by adding the obvious prefix or suffix
>>> to each column in the child table.

Yes, that is clear. What your example also showed is that what you consider the /obvious/ pre- or suffix may be borrowed from the place in the model rather than from the place in the universe of discourse (UOD).

Say we have a database with games of bridge:

   Player(*Id, Ranking, ...
   Game(*G#, N_player, E_player, S_player, W_player, ...

Here are four FK's in the same 'child' table referencing the very same 'parent' table (adopting your terminology for now). Terms from the place in the model (_parent, _child) do not help at all to distinguish the FK's.
Terms from the place in UOD, specifically the /role/ of the Player in the Game, do help: North, East, etc.

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