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From: Robert Martin <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 18:34:08 +0200
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On 2006-06-05 13:23:13 +0200, mAsterdam <> said:

> Patrick May wrote:

>> I did not find him backing up his claims regarding Mr. Martin's
>> "foolishness". Can you or can you not point out a specific example of
>> him doing so?

>> Robert Martin ha escrito:
>>>> Ridiculous. OO and RDB coexist very nicely together.  I've never heard
>>>> anyone suggest that searches aren't needed.

>> Relational databases have nothing to do with searches. This shows
>> profound ignorance about data management theory.

Go back one more post. You'll see that my post was in response to someone (can't remember who, and haven't figure out how to find out) who said something on the order of: Some OO people feel that OO system should be designed such that searching RDBs is not needed. Or something like that.

Novao's response was non-sequitur, his facts were not coordinated. (That's a little joke... Does anybody know where it came from?) His response was insulting, and misplaced, since it was not I who had made the assertion that RDBs and Searching were coupled. (Although I do think that searching, or rather querying, is a function of most RDBMS systems)

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